Canary Wharf Triathlon

One of the cool things about working in Canary Wharf, the Elite tri race comes to town, the GE British Triathlon Super Sprint Series. Had a beer and strolled about after work watching how it should be done. Really enjoyed the evening. Bumped into Kate too who was racing, she was steamed at not doing that well!



No Henley Swim

While I think I want to write up a pretty big post given some time, for now suffice to say that I am pretty disappointed that the Henley Swim was rescheduled from yesterday (the 24th June) to the 8th July. Due to environmental conditions i.e. river flowing to quick due to the drought we’re having.

Which cuts it out of my year since I am pre-booked for the Bournemouth Olympic Triathlon. So bad news, I am hoping to get my Henley registration moved to 2013… sucks. But hey-ho

Just an update

Have had an okay couple of days training. Sunday managed to get a lake swim in with buddy Duncan. Also squeezed a cycle in later in the day. Yesterday morning was a wet ride, but got the same distance in again (25 miles), the afternoon run was much more pleasant in the sun shine. Although I was starving am still trying to understand nutrition properly I think. Yesterdays run below… not stellar but steady enough I suppose.

This morning’s 4km swim felt pretty comfortable. The fourth disciple is definitely time management!