Touch of pneumonia

Absolute horror I have had to miss three training sessions since yesterday afternoon. It seems to be pneumonia like, combined with the seasonably cold weather, I dare not take any risks with outdoor training if indeed exposure at all.

NHS guidelines on the matter suggest caution

I certainly don’t want to afford anymore time off training than I have to. And so have remained bedridden.

With some luck am hoping to spend some time on the rollers tomorrow morning. Livestrong have some thoughts on the matter.

Edit: After a day in bed I ventured down stairs for a typical morning session. Unfortunately I had to opt out of running outdoors since the cold air was probably high risk, instead I placated my triathlon training buds with a 1h30 rollers session.


Stockbridge, Roadie versus Timetrial

This past Sunday DeadKeen (DK) and myself took a ride out to Stockbridge and back, rolling hills fairly windy totalling 46 miles in 2h47.


above: Stockbridge in summer, suffice to say this was not the case on Sunday

A Roadies Hope

Analysing the session I did pretty well. DK was on his tri bike while I had opted for my roadie. Since it is for now my staple winter trainer. On the straights DK left me for dust as he tucked down on the aero bars, as we approached hills I’d close the gap if not go sailing past. However again and again the straights revealed the aero advantage of the tri-bike, aggravated by the light head wind.

The Roadie Strikes Back

Things changed at the turn point (Stockbridge) – heheh, the aero advantage of the Tri bike was slightly reduced as a consequence of the now tailwind. And my climbing legs were on, making short work of the hills on the way back to Overton and then Basingstoke. Very gratifying after having had to work so hard to keep up with DK on his tri-bike, which happily got left far behind now in a strike back for roadies.

Next time I plan to do the route on my tri-bike to equal machines a bit more equally on the flat and straight.