DIY Torpedo aero bottle

In the past I have owned the Profile Design Aero Bottle. Having suffered showering my (sticky) race drink all over my front wheel, lost yellow nylon sponges, lost top lids and had a drinking straw shoved in my face hours at a time, all in favour of gaining an aerodynamic advantage. All of the aforementioned, only to learn much later, that the aero advantages are not truly there with the aero bottle type system’s after all this suffering. I now use my own DIY system costing the price of a conventional bottle cage and four cable ties (zip lock ties), as below.

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Tapering for Ironman 70.3 (half Ironman /middle distance)

I have been meaning to rewrite a post of the above subject for sometime since originally in 2012 I posted a short blog entry under the same subject. That 2012 blog entry has received dozens of hits according to my site stats for my otherwise desert like blog space.

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Favourite IronMan quote

“From here on in, it really gets grim. For 99% of the people still left at this point,  they are possessed with one thing, finishing.They’re saying to themselves one thing, “If I can just be standing at the finish, I’ve won,” and they’re right.

But, for the gifted few, for our 1% who are still competing, that are still racing, they’re more than standing. They’re wondering, can I catch that guy up there? And that about the guys behind me, are they coming up on me, are they picking up on me, can I get him? Because let me tell you something. This is it. The last hour of this triathlon, on the pavement, at 110 degrees, that’s when we’re going to find out who the hell the Ironman really is!”

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