Tri-Amsterdam 2018

Much awaited.. after much work travel.


Tri-Amsterdam 2018

Race Results

Tri-Amsteram bib# 222 59th overall..hmmm

Discipline Time RPE ? TP
swim 00:38:22 3
T1 00:02:08 3 x
bike 2:33:44 4
T2 no idea 1 grrr…
run 01:50:07 4

? - Scale 1 - 5

* - swim was far too long


Race was a prep for Challenge Almere, another ‘B’ for 2018.

Not my best run compared to Swashbuckler earlier this year probably because warmer, understatement, but my best bike on a MD because of confidence.

Awesome, awesome, awesome supporter(s).


Awesome bike, solid swim.

Didn’t screw up using Garmin

Decent result

Cool sunglasses


I treated the race like an Olympic because of the flat course not realistic for a long paced race i.e. I cooked the bike, but could have gone quicker even.



Practised breakfast. Scrambled egg with potato etc + coffee is my goto

Had the confidence to axe the bike big time


Not street smart enough on the bike dealing with drafters (12 metres – Ja) or a race that becomes a draft fest

Got baked by the heat on the run, more running and heat training if I plan to cane the run



No problem with pace, really relaxed and I cut through the field (wow 7th AG in the swim, no effort and little training)


It was too long, can’t fix that

Some bad navigation



I am slowly becoming an axe, I know this now. Lots of biking.

I knew positioning would be important and worked this


mmm… I think a slight amount of over-biking but was expected

Not street smart enough when a drafting field emerged on lap 2, far too stubborn

Drafting…complaining to officials will not help.

Don’t apply too much of this race to Challenge Almere



Ja – coped with bad, I was ready to spend less than 20 seconds in T2


My rack “moved” some idiot decided to overlay racks from the next race lost a lot of time



All to plan.

First 5km felt so so so easy.

5km divisions works for me.

Ashley break doesn’t bother me anymore it is most peoples comfort break and I feel great afterwards (mental??)


I over cooked(?) the last 5km – stopped for an “Ashley” break i.e ralph

Was well and truly baked at the end nothing left because of over biking and heat I think.

Could have been faster.. really should have been. The run was slow by what I can do.



(Why) Do Every Day Training Camp 2018

It was time for the long awaited Every Day Training Endurance Camp in Lanzarote and I was stoked and ready to go! A week away from work! I had no idea how much of a journey I was about to begin.

Firstly I have to shamelessly give my coach Jo (and Steven) a massive punt here, see Track this for future camps and training! Change yourself.

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