I’m a bad man… I ate a chocolate doughnut

This afternoon I ran afoul of the festive munchies that litter the office. I caved completely and had a chocolate filled doughnut! Apart from the bags of sugar that I’m sure exist in that guy, what poison was it made with? ūüė•


I hang my head in shame…


Vegatrian/Vegan Potjiekos recipe

Yesterday I decided to take a bash at my first vegatarian/vegan potjie recipe. Firstly if you don’t know potjiekos (see¬†http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potjiekos). Essentially this is a Dutch oven cooked on the fire, and typically the food has a African taste.

The recipe I concocted was basically what I grabbed very rapidly to hand while trying to keep my mind on the final taste of the pot, taking some inspiration from a few recipes I had cruised earlier in the day. It seemed to go down well with all parties.


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Getting to Race Weight


I am very rapidly approaching my race weight at this point. This weight loss I mainly attribute to dropping the carb intake in favour of more protein in the diet, or rather more critically accepting carbs. I have noticed no decline in training performance with the reduced carb count at all.

The other secret weapon in the arsenal sadly included eliminating all evening snacks. However the satisfaction gained from improving run times is highly rewarding offsetting this loss. In fact I have noticed a general increase in pace/power across all disciplines which I attribute to an increased VO2 max (VO2 max is used as a measure of fitness, apparently blubber really does soak up oxygen).

So in closing I can¬†re-enforce that getting close to one’s idea/ or race weight as soon as possible is the best thing to do, it’s healthier and makes life easier if not faster.

Dark Chocolate


I do hope Cadbury’s will not mind my promoting of their Bourneville chocolate

I absolutely love chocolate, I am sure I am not alone. I will happily pass up sweets, candies etc. but never chocolate. So it is understandable why I am conscious of my race weight ideal at all times.

I have known that Dark Chocolate has health benefits for some time, but it was only recently that I deep dived into a couple of articles on the net. While I would highly suggest you read the articles I have referenced and more, as a starting point in brief, the benefits of dark chocolate include:

  • Good for heart
  • Good for brain
  • Increased insulin sensitivity
  • antioxidant
  • rich in vitamins and minerals

To name but a few. So it is seemingly sound advice, to eat Dark Chocolate frequently, that is something I do believe I can include in my competitive behaviour mindset!


Why You should eat and drink dark chocolate.


Livestrong, Dark Chocolate’s nutritional profile


Rooibos Tea

I quite enjoy my herbal teas, and have developed a deep love for the tastes as well as the medicinal benefits of teas. My all time favourite, that I drink in abundance during the day, is Rooibos (pronounced Roy-bos) Tea. Is it coincidental that this is a South African tea? Perhaps not!


Rooibos has been drunk traditionally in South Africa for hundreds of years since the first Dutch colonists discovered it. Rooibos comes from the beautiful Cape of which I won’t even begin to witter on about! Other than to say this is no surprise considering the amount of fynbos (shrubs and heaths) that covers the mountainous southern Cape region (how I miss those smells).

See Wiki¬†http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rooibos#Nutritional_and_health_benefits.¬†If you haven’t had Rooibos before, go on and try some, definitely one of the best tea’s around beating a Latte hands down! If you have Rooibos reach for another cup a bit of Africa will only do you good.

Pre-training/pre-race snack

While on my way to my early morning swim session for this morning’s train I engineered this awesome power snack. I think it would be good for pre-race nutrition too, forming part of a breakfast.

Easy one, malt loaf with organic peanut butter (no sugar) – SCRUMPTIOUS!

Malt loaf has long been recognised as runners manna, being high carb, and low fat, additionally contains protein (whey). Peanuts are supposedly slow release and rich in oil and fats so nutritionally this all makes a lot of sense.




Let me know if you like!

[Update] I found while doing my 12 mile run this morning, that this can sit a little uncomfortably in the stomach. So advise not eating too many slices with too much peanut butter just prior to working out.

Pickle Juice – the Ultimate Cramp Killer

I have recently discovered triathlon podcasts and have been utterly immersed since Monday. Loads of interesting content, nutrition, aero studies, running absolutely a great way to seal away the office while at the desk.

One of the topics on TriTalk was nutrition and in particular cramping was highlighted. Conflicting studies of electrolyte drinks and hydration were mentioned yaddah, yaddah. Only drink when you are thirsty peeps it’s easy. But what caught my ear was the use of Pickle juice as a ‘cramp cure’.

Apparently this is a long standing sportsman knowledge, and the net crawls with opinions/and studies in this area..

So being a gherkin lover this makes my life complete knowing of this new voodoo.