The Huntsman Tri Race Report 2015

Drafters…. a definite downside in this race is the amount of drafting and lack of visible draft marshalling. Number 224, I so have your number, you are a cheat. I know how you roll. I saw you draft anyone and everyone including the lead lady. Don’t bother with your expensive Kask helmet for aero, you don’t need it. I am glad I passed and repassed you seven times and told you off. You’re a weak cyclist and try to benefit from stronger athletes. You only cheated yourself so you suck. Glad you finished ages behind me, and glad I didn’t let you ruin my race. Ok rant over 🙂

Huntsman Tri – 11.10.15 –

Huntsman Tri – 11.10.15 –

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Challenge Fuerteventura 2014

 The pressure was on, unluckily it didn’t go well. I was far too conservative on the bike. Maybe after Lanza I was expecting a climb that never truly came, especially after the monster !!%+ gradient at some point, and heat is something to account for.

Usual format


  • Beer after race, Spanish atmosphere is great
  • Good swim, strong bike
  • Enjoyed myself entirely


  • Lost tool box
  • Mushrooms from day before hadn’t digested and wreaked havoc. Note to self, only eat mush the day before.
  • Need more weight work
  • Lost race number – gasp!!! (always check these are waxed both sides)