Bolt around the Holt race report 2013

This has been the third time I have done the Bolt around the Holt in the Alice Holt forest, Surrey. The event is organised by for the GUTS charity who have in the past, as for this year raised funds for the Royal Surrey Hospital. I raced the half marathon course.


(why the roller coaster? read on!)

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Royal Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon Race Report

While I can still feel the stiffness in my legs I thought I would take the time to pen down my race report of the Tunbridge Wells half marathon, another of my ‘C’ race or preparation races for the year, 2013.

ghandiStrength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” – Mahatma Ghandi

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Thames Trot 50 mile Ultra 2013

A recount of my participation in the Thames Trot Ultra organised by gobeyond (


I decided to participate (not race) in a charity slot, in the Thames Trot Ultra while raising funds for the The Cure Parkinson’s Trust after being offered a very healthy boost towards the TCPT to get me started with my fundraising. Typically each year I try make at least one fund raising effort for a worth while cause. While I have never yet *raced* a marathon, I am comfortable running twenty plus miles. I guess the thought of throwing the kitchen sink at a stand alone long run has yet to appeal. But the ultra as a long run forming part of a journey absorbing the sights with camraderie certainly appealed to me.

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Persistence Hunting


Above: Cave painting from Drakensberg, South Africa

I find the above ‘cave man’ painting to be one of the most iconic works of art, possibly more moving than Auguste Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’, or MichelAngelo’s ‘Adam’ in the Sistine Chapel, certainly this is a very poignant moment in the life of men, the hunt.

In his book Born to Run, Christoper MacDougall (see examines theories that man has evolved as the ultimate predator by virtue of his ability to run his prey down (persistence hunting). However apart from sound theory and a few isolated bushman said to still maintain this hunting technique today, researchers were not able to cite any real world examples.

Yesterday while reading the below article, which although tragic and sad for many reasons I was amazed to find that in less than a generation people had reverted to persistence hunting (search for ‘exhaustion’ to jump to the interesting paragraph). Truly mind boggling!

So forget about the late Nike, Asics etc. you have all the natural mechanics in your foot and get out there running.

The morning half-marathon

Dead Keen (DK) and myself got back into the groove with our Friday morning half-marathon (or just short of) training runs this morning before work. We started a bit later than usual at 6am because I am working-from-home today.

The friday morning run always seems to hurt I suppose that is part of living in a hilly area (Basingstoke, Hampshire), and is at the end of the training week for me. Today’s time was 1h54 for 13.1 miles. We have done better before, but we’ll consider that an acceptable pace for a training run. All told 33 or so miles ran for the week not bad for a short week. About 60+ miles on the bike and a fair bit in the pool so far. Again reasonable for a short week. Rest day as of now till Sunday – love it!


I must be depraved I am starting to think about doing ultra’s outside of the main tri season probably around the 50 mile mark e.g.

Edit: A friend of mine (really??), DeadKeen. Has kindly offered to sponsor me a charity place with an initial boost of £100 for the Parkinson’s Trust. The sponsorship is for me to run the Thames Trot Ultra in Feb (50 miles) – challenge accepted DK.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) not the thing to do after a half-marathon while you are trying to recover and allowing sore bits and peices to heal. Certainly not the typical recovery strategy, but whoever said we were wise? Whoever said we’d do the sensible thing? Clearly a case of ‘them’ and not me.

The first day back and running today (one days break) and I ‘led’ *cough cough* a HIIT session with some of the blokes in the office during lunch. It turned out that I managed the run ok, but feel a little fragile again – doh.