4iii power meter and the Ultegra 6800 rear brake calliper 

I was super excited when my new 4iii powermeter arrived. I had one on my Specialized Shiv, no problems and loved it. The new PM was for my Bergamont RS roadbike. The only catch was not enough clearance from the Ultegra 6800 rear calliper. The frame was clear, but not the ugly big Ultegra…yeuck. On top of that Bergamont had molded a special aero feed on the underside of the frame below the BB.

In fact no other alternative rear aero brake calliper feeds from the RHS, all feed from the centre or left.

Horror! Lucky the Bergamont has an inspection window on the bottom of the frame. With some luck a slot was cut through the inspection window cover. And et voila sorted using a Tektro T750 calliper (very good, stronger than the Ultegra)


The Huntsman Tri Race Report 2015

Drafters…. a definite downside in this race is the amount of drafting and lack of visible draft marshalling. Number 224, I so have your number, you are a cheat. I know how you roll. I saw you draft anyone and everyone including the lead lady. Don’t bother with your expensive Kask helmet for aero, you don’t need it. I am glad I passed and repassed you seven times and told you off. You’re a weak cyclist and try to benefit from stronger athletes. You only cheated yourself so you suck. Glad you finished ages behind me, and glad I didn’t let you ruin my race. Ok rant over 🙂

Huntsman Tri – 11.10.15 – www.alwaysaimhighevents.com

Huntsman Tri – 11.10.15 – http://www.alwaysaimhighevents.com

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New Forest Middle Distance Race Report 2015

New Forest Middle Distance Tri - 27.9.15 - www.racenewforest.co.uk

I think my blog must be the most dormant blog in the entire world. I’ll try remedy that, but I still have at least two outstanding race reports for Aronamen and The Little Woody for this year, 2015. The year seems to have rushed to a close. I guess that’s good it means I have been busy, but time is in such short supply just like in a race.

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The Shiv

I have ‘the shiv’ now, supposedly the word means knife of some sort or the other, I call it the bat bike – sad I know but whatevs. I am getting quite used to it now and have been enjoying myself pretty immensely and more comfortably to boot. At any rate here are my initial thoughts that I penned up to a couple of friends a fews days after purchase.

Challenge Fuerteventura 2014

 The pressure was on, unluckily it didn’t go well. I was far too conservative on the bike. Maybe after Lanza I was expecting a climb that never truly came, especially after the monster !!%+ gradient at some point, and heat is something to account for.

Usual format


  • Beer after race, Spanish atmosphere is great
  • Good swim, strong bike
  • Enjoyed myself entirely


  • Lost tool box
  • Mushrooms from day before hadn’t digested and wreaked havoc. Note to self, only eat mush the day before.
  • Need more weight work
  • Lost race number – gasp!!! (always check these are waxed both sides)

Learning how to run.

Well today I had an epic run on injured feet.

I did probably my best times on my 10km route today without trying too hard or being too committed. I know this because Strava told me so. I am in the Top n for several segments on the route. Scary.


So what happened?

My feet or rather large toenails got trashed during last week Friday during my long run in my new shoes. I thought they may be too small or long toenails may be at fault. What I think is the case is that I have _finally_ fully recovered from hip surgery years ago and I can now confidently drop my left heel in semi built up shoes making me more balanced. This probably improves the quad-hamstring balance..

Anyway it worked – only catch is I now have a massive blister hole from the new shoes!